The 5:50 Rule

Known as the 5:50 Rule, the top 5% of the patients makes the 50% of the cost in the US healthcare industry. This 5:50 Rule has been the most challenging task for healthcare organizations over the last 2 decades, growing 6 time faster than the cost of general population. Numerous programs from employers, insurers, and health systems to embrace expensive disease-management programs that, use primary-care physicians, registered nurses and social workers to monitor, coach, and provide services to many people in the top 5%. While these programs do increase the quality of their care, Kaiser Permanente and nearly all others have found that they do not reduce net costs.

Learning from the prior experience and 5-year innovation and development, Duxlink has established the integrated model of patented technology platforms, intensive monitoring and intervention, individualized process and AI-aided specialty care – a unique business model with a laser focus of on this most expensive patient population to address its core challenges of heterogeneity and unpredictability.

The Era of Value-based Care is for an organization to innovate new solutions taking risks. Duxlink NEW Business Model is to partner with healthcare risk-takers to manage their risk by offering a lower cost alternative to acute hospital-based care, including Insurance, MSOs, HMO, PPOs, DCEs, ACOs, IPAs, as well as the employers

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US Healthcare Cost: Per Capita vs Top 5%

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