Design & Operations

Duxlink strives to set itself apart from the current Home Hospital model that are already in service to many in the Healthcare industry. The Duxlink Home Hospital and Critical Care (H2C2) at its core has been designed and operated by Specialists as opposed to General Care Physicians. Duxlink takes initiative by electing to treat highly complex cases with patients still reporting unstable conditions. To compare it to the acute Hospital setting, we operate similar to that of specialists practicing in a ICU/CCU setting as opposed to the current Home Hospital model that operates in the General Med/Surg model of PCPs. The costs saved are 51% from the Top 5% of patients (Read The 5:50 Rule In Healthcare).

The table below summarizes how we stack up compared to current H2 models.

All Current H2 Systems Duxlink H2C2 System

Designed and Operated



Clinical Cases

Regular Medical Cases

Highly complex and Unstable cases

Analogous to Hospital Rounds

General Med/Surg by PCP

ICU/CCU by Specialists

Demographics of patient seen and events associated

Heterogenous population, unpredictable events can occur

True Cost

49% Cost from
General 95% Patient Population

51% Cost from Top 5% Highest Risk Patient Population