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Insight Care’s Top 10 Best Performing TeleHealth Solution Providers

Duxlink Health, Florida based multi-specialty practice group with Duxlink Health Technology, the sister technology company, provides its unique integrated solution, Duxlink Tele-Hospital™. The solution focuses on one goal – “High risk Population Health Management to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions.” The main product, Inter-reality Care™ (both On-site and On-line Care) provides hospital level of care for high risk patients in the post-acute care continuum.

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Dr. Hempel Digital Health Network’s 840 Innovative Digital Health, eHealth, mHealth Startups USA

Duxlink Health, a hybrid Technology and Clinical company, is the pioneer of True Hospital Readmission Solution service in the US: “Bringing Hospital Care to Patients Anytime and Anywhere™”. The solution provides a unique integration of Reality On-Site Care Anywhere and Virtual On-Line Care Anytime through our patented and trademarked Eco System, Interreality Care™. Over the last 2 years, Duxlink has established a continuum-of-care process in Hospital – Rehab/SNF – ALF – Homecare – Patients at Home through our system. The services have demonstrated solid unnecessary hospital readmission reductions (up to 68%), as well as, millions in significant savings and revenue generations.

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Duxlink Telehospital: A New Technology Platform for High-Risk Population Risk Management

Check out this interview with Michael Shen, MD, FACC & CMO, Duxlink Tele-Hospital speaks about A New Technology Platform for High-Risk Population …

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