Physician Risk Takers

Why Partner with Duxlink: The Best Collaborator for your Highest-Risk Care

Leveraging our patented process and system with in-depth analysis of claims data and clinical data, Duxlink can help risk-taking physician group, such as MSO/ACO/DCE/IPA organizations to identify high utilizations, manage high-risk diseases and cut down the high-cost effectively. The H2C2 program can help your group laser focus on the top 5% of your patients taking 50% of your expenses to provide innovative collaboration, prioritization and integration of hospital level of care an individual whole-person care to effectively slice your high cost.

Unique Functions

  • Patented Personal Kit with Hospital and Critical Care level of devices
  • Individualized Real-time feedback and patient management solutions
  • Effective implementation of best practice and guidelines
  • Patient/Caregiver Mentoring for effective communications
  • Proven clinical and financial outcomes with effective readmission reduction

Case studies: 2021 ACC Presentation

2021 ACC Presentation