Patients and Caregivers

Duxlink Health Relieves Caregiver Stress: Being the caregiver for someone who has serious health problems is demanding and often stressful. Duxlink has developed a unique Caregiver Mentoring program that reduces the stress levels for caregivers by helping them Duxlink navigate the Healthcare Minefield to deliver the Best Outcomes.

What We Do

Very Sick Patient Care:

  • Severe Chronic Conditions
  • Heart Conditions
  • In/Out of Hospitals
  • Catastrophic Health Problems

24/7 Support for Families & Caregivers

  • Hospital Grade/Critical Care Monitoring
  • Chronic Speciality Care

Caregiver Stress Relief

  • Care Advocates
  • Care Navigation Through Effective Coordination & Communication
  • Personalized Holistic Care Delivery

How We Do It

Advanced Telemedicine Technology

  • Hospital at Home Care
  • 24/7 Care Team Monitoring
  • Hospital Grade 12 Lead EKG
  • Vitals Capture

Individualized Care Plan

  • Unique Specialized Individual Care plan
  • Chronic Specialty Care
  • Optimized Care Outcome