Hospitals & Health Systems

Why Partner with Duxlink: The Best Enabler to Care the Sickest Patients in the Class

Duxlink Platforms ensure your patients get not only Hospital but also Critical Care level of service support anytime and anywhere. Duxlink Health solution helps to optimize bed capacity by shifting recovery to the home which reduces the 50% of healthcare costs generated by 5% of patients. Our partners include:

  • Hospital @ Home, including CMS waiver applications
  • Hospitals that own their health plans
  • Hospitals with limited capacity

With a history of bring hospital and critical level of care at home over 500 patients in the last 5 years of experience, Duxlink is ready to work with you to provide the infrastructure platform, the process and operations.

Patented Personal Kits with Hospital-Grade Devices

Proactive Care Plan Individualized to Patient Needs

Effective Implementation of Evidence-Based Medicine

Record of Improving Clinical and Financial Outcomes with Effective Readmission Reduction

Whole-Person Approach with Inclusion of Social Support

AI-Powered Diagnosis and Treatment