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Why Partner with Duxlink Health? The Best Cost Slicer in the Industry.

Duxlink Health’s proprietary ecosystem comprises patented series of designated devices, integrated systems, prioritized processes and AI analytics allow specialty clinicians to care patients with hospital and critical care level conditions at home. The scalable High-Tech platforms and High Specialty Service separates Duxlink Health from all other PCP-based Hospital@Home programs with solid outcomes over 5 years to laser fucus on the highest-cost patients – top 5% of population with 50% of healthcare expenses.

The High-Five Care

The High-Five Care
Delivery System

1 – High Risk/Cost: Top 5% patients from admissions, procedures and medications

2 – High Specialty: Specialty/subspecialty for high complex care  

3 – High Technology: Patented process, designated devices and individualized AI

4 – High Standard: Above and beyond current standards on routine care 

5 – High ROI: Cut the highest costs to boost the profitability