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From a clinical service point of view prior to Duxlink Health, Dr. Michael Shen used to work at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida as the Director of Cardiac Imaging, and Procedure Utilization for 11 years. As part of the cardiology team, he was directly involved in emergency calls with 5 of the largest Cruise lines in Florida and personally managed numerous acute cardiovascular emergencies remotely (AMI or CVA). A study was published on the American Journal of Cardiology in 2010 showed poor management and outcomes in outside hospital setting. A great opportunity and service is in urgent need in the High-Complex patients 24/7.

Dr. Michael Shen worked with Synticor as Medical advisor, involving technology development as well as customer service interacting with many pioneers and physician leaders in the US. When he was at Yale as a Cardiology fellow, he was trained by Barry Zaret, MD and Frans Wackers, MD, the pioneers of cardiac imaging and nuclear cardiology as well as Halen Krumholtz, MD, a world expert in Outcome research. Specifically, Dr. Michael Shen was not only directly involved in the clinical research and technology development, more importantly, he experienced the impact and rapid expansion of nuclear imaging technology, accounting for ~50% of revenues in medium to large out-patient cardiology practices in the US at the peak.

In 2015 when Medicare started reimburse Tele-Medicine, Dr. Michael Shen left Cleveland Clinic and founded Duxlink Health, focusing on readmission service, developing technology platforms with service process of specialty Tele-Hospital care at home, and integrating devices and IT/AI, including 12-lead wireless ECG as the 1st user in North America and ICU-level telemetry.

Our Vision, Mission & Business Model

Our Vision: Elevating Quality of Patient Experience and Slicing the Quantity of the Cost

Our Mission: “Bring A Hospital Level of Care to Patient Anytime and Anywhere™”

Our NEW Business Model: Partner with healthcare risk-takers to manage their risk by offering a lower cost alternative to acute hospital-based care

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